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Wedding dress with ruffles - work in progress.

Last year I made a bespoke wedding dress for one of my brides with white lace and ruffled white organza skirts. It really was a wedding dress! The above pic is a finished shot.

I am showing here below, without much explanation, mainly work in progress shots of the dress as it came together. It was a very labour intensive dress with all the white corded lace hand appliqued onto the bodice, and the skirt ruffles also all attached by hand.

 Above: Not finished yet - only about half the ruffles attached at this stage.

I thought this would be good to show as another wedding-dress-making journey from start to finish.

I'm taking bookings for 2019 and 2020 weddings at the moment. Do drop me an email if you'd like to discuss having your wedding dress custom made. :) X

Bespoke Wedding Dress Fittings Part 2

To keep things tidy, this is the 2nd and final part of the post I started back in March following bride Lois's fittings for her bespoke 70's style wedding dress.  
I love this image above of Lois & Ash on their wedding day! The photo is by Matt Brown.
Back in the early spring when I started this post, (pre-peak wedding season & moving location distraction!) I thought it would be useful to show some of the process involved when having a wedding dress made. We left bride Lois at her 2nd fitting, where it was decided that the toile (calico prototype dress) was looking good and that it was time to cut out the real thing...
3rd Fitting:

The above images are the dress on a stand, and then Lois in the dress at her 3rd fitting.
At this stage the dress is put together but with raw edges in most places - the hem hasn't been levelled and finished and there are no fastenings at the back, or buttons on the front and sleeves, and everything is raw inside too. These are all thing…

Wedding dress making spring & summer 2018

Well...what a year.

Quite a lot has happened this year, not only lots of weddings, but alongside these, the main thing that happened is I moved out of my unit and back to my home studio here in my garden, which is where I was working before I took on the unit. The unit was a short and sweet experiment, but sadly it just wasn't working for me or my business - far too much noise and very high heating bills were stressing me out, so I decided to cut my losses and come back to my original purpose built studio. It all happened unexpectedly fast in fact, back in March with 2 weeks notice, and as with all things wedding, the show must go on!

So, I'm much happier now. My work space is peaceful again. I feel joy again! :-) My garden studio is smaller, but prettier, and I can concentrate! Bliss!

I'm still doing what I do - designing and making wedding dresses of all shapes, sizes and designs for my lovely brides, so if you're looking for a designer - dressmaker to help you real…