Friday, 27 July 2012

Abi's Dress (& Shoes)

Here is Abi on her wedding day at Madingley Hall in Cambridge, the grounds of which are much bigger and more formal than I realised (lots of pleasing clipped, topiary shrubs etc if you like that sort of thing - I do).

Abi is wearing a strapless version of one of my collection dresses (called Tallulah), which is made from ivory silk taffeta.

For Abi I made the beading denser than the sample dress and the actual beaded area is bigger too, so although she chose an existing design, it was adapted to suit her. The above shot shows the beading during manufacture.

This dress was the perfect choice for Abi because the pleating at the waist showed off her figure really well.

But what is this I see? Shock, horror! First she's running - which just shows how easy to wear my dresses are... and those shoes don't seem to match her dress! ;)

Aren't they fab? I'm a great fan of brides wearing different coloured shoes and accessories. (I once had a bride who wore big blue knickers under her dress, but that's another story and she didn't send me any pictures of them, so you'll just have to trust me on that one!)

Abi's pictures were taken by Dominic Whiten who also kindly sent these images over for me to show you, so if you like the look of Dominic's work, do have a look at his site.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Dinky Dress

Earlier in the year there was a large, bright orange thing in the sky, I think it was called 'sun' and we felt lovely and warm when those rare things called 'rays' came out of the 'sun' and touched our skin?

These pictures prove that at some point this year the sun did shine in my work studio, enough for me to take some pictures there without the fetching orange glow of the overhead lightbulb.

Before I go on though, re my last post - thanks for all your kind messages of all types, they were so thoughtful and supportive. I was concerned a bit about posting about the situation, but now I'm glad I did, and if you have been trying to make contact, I hope it helped explain my absence.

This dress was made for Jo back in the early part of the year. You may recall seeing a snap of this in a work in progress post a while ago - I couldn't resist showing a peek of it then.

It was for a small and intimate ceremony.

No fuss.

I love this dress. It's dinky and cute...

...and the lace is so pretty and light.

The under layer is a dusty peachy pink silk, (just noticed that old faithful Betty [the dummy] is listing slightly in this shot, she has seen a lot of service so it's not surprising)

with the ivory lace over the top.

For me, it's the kind of dress that inspires further designs in differing proportions. A long version with a full skirt would be interesting, or a slim version with no sleeves perhaps...?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Not drowning, but waving...

OK, I was recently reading one of my favourite blogs The Coffee Lady and she used a great excuse for not posting regularly and referred to her last post of a few weeks back as 'just then'. Her excuse was that time travels faster as you age, to which I thought, how true is that? And decided to borrow that same excuse for myself!

So in my last post 'just then' what was I on about? Showing you Hannah's winter wedding I think.

Well quite a lot has happened since then, wedding work and otherwise. The thing with blogging is choosing what to share and what not to share. I'm sure many people like to read only promotional stuff or choose to write only 'happy' stuff, and that must be wonderful if it works for you, but I find that style paralysing for many reasons, not least because when one is a creative type, (I prefer the word 'bohemian' at present, but more on that another time! ;)) one is influenced and motivated by everything around one, and that includes comfortable and uncomfortable stuff. So I thought I'd go 'off-topic' in this post.

The past few months have been incredibly intense because I have been waiting to adopt a child. In order to fit my work in with how adoption generally evolves, I have at short notice (for me) squashed 10 months work into 5 months to be ready for our new arrival; I've not answered the phone, and been shoddy with communication generally in order to fulfil orders. I've probably said it before, and I'll say it again: when one make things for a living, especially detailed and bespoke, one-off stuff, it can't be rushed and actual person-hours are needed to get things completed for immovable deadlines. So if you tried to call with an enquiry and I didn't pick up, this is why. If you left a message, thanks so much for doing so, I hope I called you back. If you emailed, I love you, because I could answer when I found the space to do so, and I really was craving that space.

Where was I? Well things have been pretty intense.

Just over a week ago, our proposed adoption fell through and is not going ahead. It's not great, it's very upsetting, but it is the way it is, and we are back to waiting again. I wanted to share this, because although I am a business, I'm not a faceless business. What I do is very personal and my clients come into my life for a short while when we are working together and many have become friends after the event.

If you happen to be reading this and had a dress made by me ooh... about 4 years ago now, you may recall that I was talking about adoption then. Yes.... we're still waiting.... don't get me started.

For those of you who are reading this because you are interested in weddings only, don't worry, this is unlikely to become an adoption blog, but it is a blog about someone who makes things, mainly wedding dresses, but for whom the term 'work/life balance' is a bit of a misnomer, and the 'life' part can't help but encroach on the work sometimes.

So I'm gradually feeling my way back into work. Which is almost always weddings. Just not today :)