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March Work in Progress

I'm not posting much as you can see. Too much going on at the moment - blossom blooming, garden demolition, designing and sewing.
I've finished the dress I was talking about in my previous posts. Its turned out similar, yet different, from my original sketch, as is often the case. I've named it 'Sylvie' and it will go into my Collection once it's been priced up. It is made of silk chiffon and silk satin backed crepe, so it's lovely, flowing and soft. The ivory trims are Guipure lace in ivory. It's a wee bit Abigail's Party but I like that! This dress can be made in many, many colours, as well as all ivory, if you like.
Guipure lace is big news at the moment for wedding dresses. Most of the gown bookings I've taken so far for this year that include lace will use Guipure lace. 
The other big news is that work on my studio has started! I can't wait for it to be finished, naturally. It hasn't been easy because I love my garden, in particular…