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Commissioning a Bespoke Wedding Dress - The Benefits

Something I often notice when chatting with some brides-to-be is that sometimes there are a few misconceptions about what it means to have a bespoke wedding dress designed and made, so I thought it would be useful to create a little mini series of posts about the Bespoke side of my business. I'll be covering the benefits, fears and FAQs that often occur, and we'll be looking in on a fitting to give an idea of what happens and the progress made.

This post will discuss the benefits of my bespoke service. I often ask my bespoke brides what they were looking for in the service, and why they decided to go for a bespoke design with me, and they often tell me without being asked! So the following are some of the general benefits of a Bespoke bridal design service, combined with comments from my own Bespoke brides from the past few years:

1. "I want a unique wedding dress - I don't want to look like everyone else." You know that feeling - you're engaged, you've b…

Lois & Ash: 70s style wedding dress for a late summer wedding

It is my pleasure to show you images of this 70's style wedding dress worn by bride Lois last summer at her marriage to Ash.

Lois arrived at her initial appointment with a few ideas that had a definite flowing 70's vibe, and after chatting through ideas and drawing some sketches, we looked at various suitable fabrics and came up with her gorgeous, relaxed design.

The dress was made in an ivory silk Georgette fabric over a lightweight satin under-layer. The sleeves were left sheer using the Georgette only. The dress was left unstructured for a relaxed and easy boho wedding style.

Lois and Ash had their wedding photos taken by photographer Matt Brown and Lois carried flowers by Chloe at Bare Blooms.

I loved making this wedding dress for Lois, she was a pleasure to work with and the dress was so 'her'. :)

I have some further images of the making of this wedding dress to show in the next post.

All for now. xx