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Too soon for stocking fillers?

I've been spending my evenings making stuff. Yes, stuff that's different from bridal wear; more gifty type daily-usage stuff - eyemasks to be precise.

I love making dresses, but this has made a nice change because they're quick to make and are colourful, so are satisfying on two levels, and...they're practical. What more could one want from a craft project?

I'm a fairly regular insomniac, but I've learned to embrace my sleepless hours by thinking up new ideas! I've test driven one of my earlier prototypes and I can safely say they're very comfortable and soft against the eyelids...I'm feeling sleepy just thinking about them!

I shall be offering these for sale in my new Folksy shop; I'll post on here as soon as I've stocked up. There will be more gift style stuff to follow shortly...

Feeling excited...

...because around this time every year I get my act together and design new dresses for my collection. This year I'm more organised with the manufacture and they're already coming together. I really do enjoy this new creative bit of my work - it isn't just 'a job' for me, it truely is a labour of love. Being a small business, I am in the lucky position of choosing not to keep to the yearly fashion timetable and this means I can also add to my collection as and when I have time. However I do impose my own timetable on myself so I guess it amounts to the same thing. I will post some of the new dresses on here as soon as they're ready.

In the meantime, here's Kim, who was married this spring just gone. She wore an ankle length taffeta dress in the softest pink colour you can imagine - so soft that it almost wasn't pink, with a lace midriff and a tulle coat trimmed with the same lace as the dress. This was held together with a huge corsage (the detail of whi…

Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding...

I recently received an email from Beck, one of my lovely brides from 2009, to let me know that her wedding has been featured on the You and Your Wedding website! What excellent news. You can have a look at the weddinghere.The pictures are taken byCrash Taylor.

Beck blogged about the lead up to her wedding and you can read about her pre and post wedding adventures here.


Here are some corsages I made for a recent wedding.
They were interesting because traditionally corsages on wedding dresses tend to blend in with the colour scheme rather than contrast with it.

They were good fun to make. I've since made several others and will show them at a later date - once they've been worn!