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New Collection Wedding Dress - Margot

This is the first of my new wedding dress designs to show you. It's called Margot. You can also see it in my banner above. I hope you like it?

Margot wedding dress is made from silk Dupion, this version is an Oyster colour, but it can be made in many, many different colours, including the traditional ivory.

When I was making the sample, I was originally intending to use a lace waistband, but when it came down to it, I preferred the simple double bow effect.
Margot is a made to measure design, so you can come and try it on and order it as it is, but made to fit you perfectly. Or you can alter aspects of it if you prefer. I'm open to suggestion. It would be gorgeous made as a full length gown too I think...

*Margot's current made to measure order price is £1650.00 made as the sample, at today's date. (Aug 2016.) This price can change depending on alterations to the design or changes to pricing of labour and fabrics* Due to the way my service works, you could have the de…

Wedding dresses at a summer photoshoot

As usual, it's been a busy summer! But I managed to squeeze in a photo-shoot of some of my dresses. I'm waiting for all the shots to arrive, but in the meantime here's a couple of behind the scenes action-shots of the day!

Sarah Brookes is the photographer, hair by Thairapy Freelance, make up by Flashkate Bridal Make Up and flowers by Florae Foray.