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This year, right now, and plans going forward into 2013.

Hello everyone. I thought the time was right for some information about what's happening here at the head quarters of Rachel Lamb Bridal Design. This is likely to be of special interest to potential bridal clients and will help explain my recent erratic, cryptic or (rarely, but sorry if it occurred) nil responses to enquiries.

I'll do my best not to rant, but I can't promise.

If you have read this blog this year, you may know that I am an adopter in waiting; I'm approved but not had a child placed yet. This year has been very difficult work and adoption wise because of the way Social Services work, combined with the common misunderstanding that things are somehow easier planning and timings wise, if one is self employed. E.g. I can just stop work at the drop of a hat. This isn't so when I work to immovable deadlines with huge lead-times, or, as has already happened once this year, worked 70 hour weeks and cleared my diary of work to go on adoption leave, only to h…

Real Wedding: Relaxed Country Bride

Here's lovely Poppy wearing her wedding dress. Poppy really is a country girl at heart - wellies, dogs, mud (she won't mind me telling you that) and an easy and comfortable life. She wanted a dress that reflected that, and that she would feel easy and comfortable wearing. So soft, feminine, no boning and a small train that can easily be hitched up later on.

Poppy's dress is a gentle A-line shape with a scoop neck and loose sleeves. It's made from a heavy silk crepe with a soft lace overlay and soft satin hand-tied sash. I added some small pearls around the neckline and on the sleeves to give a small and gentle gleam. No fuss.