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2017 Wedding dress bookings, timescales & info

It's already the last day of February! Where has that time gone? I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

I thought I'd start this year's (delayed) blog post with some talk about 'time'. It fits in with several practical notes I want to discuss with you about my service. I hope you find this helpful if you're thinking of getting in touch or commissioning a custom made dress. It's a bit stream of conciousness, but hey, that's how things are around here!

I am incredibly busy in the studio making dresses for 2017 weddings, and am already almost booked up for this year! This is great on many levels and yet not so great having to turn away potential customers. So I'm sorry if I couldn't book you in this year, I hate turning away brides, but I have to be realistic about what can be done and loyal to the brides already booked.

This is a constant battle that I have. I'm sure many of you are managing 'time'. There's just never enou…