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Smile : making

The other day I received some photos from one of my recent brides, and they made me smile in a big way. They were just so her.

After I'd looked through them I remembered that I'd taken pictures of her wedding dress throughout the process and that I'd taken quite a few. So as there are many images relating to this wedding and I would like to show most of them, I thought I'd break it up into a few posts.
The shot above is of Tash, the bride and her new husband. I thought I'd put this one in first as, even though you can't see any detail, it has such a faded, atmospheric, summery charm to it. I love that they are in a wheat field :)
I thought it pleasant to show you a romantic and wedding-y picture before going back to the nitty-gritty reality shots about the process of making a bespoke bridal gown.

Ah, the glamour of calico, pen and pins. This is the under-layer toile of the dress - the basic shape made in calico.

This dress was a joint project and Tash had a l…

Purest Green

Outside I can see so many lovely shades of green, more faded yellowy-green as befits early Autumn than the fresher blue-greens of spring, soon to be gone for a season or turned to brown by a plough. Brown is good too of course, it is the colour of chocolate after all, but green is such a relaxing and invigorating colour I think.

Last week I had an inspiring appointment with a potential client. Afterwards I was left with the impression that this was someone who was definitely doing 'her thing' for her wedding day.

Mentioning no names, she will be wearing green, possibly carrying a bouquet that includes mint.

That really caught my imagination and I was left with an impression of a zingy green theme, of invigorating green.

I've made several green dresses for weddings in the past, and I'm often unhelpfully reminded that green for weddings is often thought to be unlucky. Just so you know - I don't think this. Anyway, it prompted me to do some (light) research into why…

Archive wedding

Here's Karen from a few years back, wearing a silk Duchesse Satin gown with a random pleated effect across the body and a contrasting velvet shawl.

Karen is very petite, so the skirt width was especially important and was made to fit her proportionally with a bespoke made underskirt. I particularly like the wide square neck of this dress.