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Summer bride

Here's Nisha, the summer bride in the title.

Nisha is very petite and didn't want a dress to swamp her; she knew she would have a bespoke design and have it made for her. We went for quite a simple slim silk Dupion dress in ivory, with a pretty, twinkly lace overlay.

The dress has a seam under the bust (empire line) which is really useful if you're petite, as it draws the eye upward and gives the impression of a longer waist and legs.

The lace is an ivory base with 'latte' high-lights within it.

Nisha's pictures were taken by photographer John Harris. I've mentioned him before - he really is very good. As I was looking at the photos I realised I was welling up; he really knows how to capture emotional moments perfectly. If you're a sentimental sort, best get some tissues handy for the next couple of shots!


Aahhh :)

Wedding bags preview

I've started to make some accessories.

I'll start by showing you the bags I've recently made.

These are great for carrying the essentials - purse, keys, phone, tissues, small umbrella - that type of thing! They are what I always think of as 'bucket' shape.

The bags are made in silk Dupion, some with lace trims and/or beading, and can be made to order, or in different shades.

What do you think?

The actual bag section is approximately 20cm tall and including the handle approximately 33cm.

Great for brides, bridesmaids, and in darker colours, as evening bags.

They will be for sale soon, I'll post where and when.

Late summer walk...

...or is it early autumn? No matter. It's that transition phase.

Do you fancy a walk? Come for a gentle ramble with me and him.

I like to walk around my neighbourhood and village, every day if time allows. I love just looking.

 I had intended to take pictures of hay bales - the rolled up type, because I love how they look. 

They're such an unnatural shape. Like alien life-forms, or as if some large hand had just rolled them there.

Inevitably we got side tracked by other stuff too.

I love looking at wild stuff randomly growing. I like looking at the textural mass of tangle - I see it as a whole...

...and the individuals that make up the tangle. Both are inspirational to me.

I wonder if we would find the nettles above prettier if they didn't sting, and the umbel shaped things less attractive if they did?

More aliens have been busy here...

I've been thinking a lot about 'inspiration' lately, in part because I'm often asked what inspires me in my work. Per…