Thursday, 26 January 2012


Many of you who have visited me for appointments and fittings will more than likely have received a greeting from, or had your departure acknowledged by Dolly. Among other 'hobbies', she liked to stare at, miaow at, purr loudly to and generally be a bit of a flirt with all manner of bridal customers, whether they were interested or not.

After a swift decline, Dolly died last week and we are very, very sad; to say she was loved is an understatement. If that wasn't sad enough, it felt compounded by the fact that our other cat, Bruno (equally adored), died two days before Christmas. They came to us together as rescue cats and it seems they have gone together as well.

Although they weren't allowed in my workroom, Dolly especially was a faithful 'waiter' outside the door, always ready to greet me or a client everytime one of us went in or out the door. Perhaps it was because she was a girl :) Bruno preferred getting up to no good in the barns that surround us, and was less interested in bridalwear as a rule.

Working from home, they were part of my working day as well as our home life. They were good companions and their ghosts haunt me at the edge of my vision.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Just a few bits to see, on what for me is an emotionally tough day. More soon.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year's Day - a few days ago

Happy New Year!

Almost every New Year's day, my husband and I go for a walk. This year we went to Anglesey Abbey. If you've not been before, now is a fabulous time to go because there is the most amazing garden there. For anyone who feels that winter is dull in the garden, I urge you to go and look now, its amazing.

We thought it a good place to go to try out the new camera lens that Father Christmas gave me. These pics were taken by my husband while I was creative director, which is often the best outcome for all on a walk ;) I love these pictures and there are far more than I want to show here, so perhaps I'll post more another time or put them elsewhere.

I find plants very inspirational, especially in the bare, sculptural winter state. When I say inspirational, I don't mean I would try and translate them exactly into a wearable garment (unless I was asked to), more that they visually please me and that affects what I design. Perhaps that's another post...

twiggy buds
I enjoy the time just after Christmas and into the New Year, as a quiet (I hope) time for reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next. I'm not one for 'resolutions' - statements of things I will or won't do, but rather, what I'd like to put in motion - gently - in the months to come. That feels softer somehow, and not as dictatorial, and I can feel a bit bereft if I don't think about these things.

One of my 'areas for improvement' is to find a new rhythm to my blog. Since I started it, its felt good when I've managed to post, but I'm aware as I write that I'm not the best at regular postings. Making wedding gowns is hugely labour intensive and naturally my clients come first. As weddings are immoveable deadlines, often I forget to take pictures or to think of anything to say other than "Phew! Cross that off. What's next?"

twisted willow
That said, I really enjoy the blog when I actually get a chance to sit down and concentrate on it. More often than not, I am working alone which I enjoy, but on many occasions it would be great to chat about what I'm up to as one might with work colleagues and a blog can go some way towards a substitute for that.

birch eyeballs

birches en-masse

So alongside finished wedding stuff, I hope to show some simpler work in progress, some clearer photography, some inspirational stuff, and perhaps general creative musings. I'll stop the list there and see what happens.

For now, I'd like to thank everyone who chose me to make their wedding gown last year, infact everyone who enquired. I look forward to seeing your photos ;) and to the outfits and gowns to come in 2012.

Best wishes for 2012.