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Purple & Rain

This past week I've been working on a fabulous purple silk wedding dress . I can't show any more detail yet as this is pre-wedding, but I wanted to give an impression of the 'purple-ness' in my work room at the moment.

As I took the above pictures the grey sky actually lightened temporarily. I try not to let the weather get me down, but hey...some sun, or at least some warmer temperatures would be good.

I said goodbye to two lovely brides and their lovely dresses the other week. I will show you some sketches of the designs shortly, and some photos of the actual day soon.

Back to work

Easing back into regular work again. Just finishing two wedding dresses for separate weddings on the same day later on this month. I'll post some pictures as they become available and after the events.

Among other wedding dresses, today I started work on two more gowns for later summer weddings this year, so have those to show you as they progress. I'm also very aware that there are many weddings from the latter end of last year that I've not got around to posting about yet. Everything in good time!