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From A to B

It's been a busy month workwise, but today I have some time to show you the stages of making a dress for one of my recent clients. This is a staggered journey through the process, I'm not organised enough to take photos of every stage, but hopefully this gives an idea of what happened in this particular case.
When she first came to see me, this bride - Jo, wasn't too keen on the whole 'dress' thing and didn't want to look 'too bridal'. Words such as 'comfortable', 'relaxed', 'I want to be able to enjoy myself', were discussed, together with 'I want to look like me' and 'elegant'. Hmmmm....

After showing me some pics of what she did and didn't like and sketches of a theme produced, we established that something soft looking and flowing would be good, and decided on a silk crepe and silk georgette combination.
Above was the initial sketch. Jo wanted to be able to see and feel movement within the fabric of her dres…