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New Lace & Organza Wedding Dress - Fallon

This is 'Fallon', a new wedding dress to go in my current gown Collection. I finished it just before the Christmas break.

I'm often asked how I name my dresses, and I'm sure I was listening to The Archers at the time, which is why I named the dress Fallon. (Fallon is/was a character in The Archers.) Mainly because at the time I was wondering what had happened to Fallon? Does anyone know where she's gone? I'm not so much of a regular listener these past years, so perhaps she's no longer in it...anyway, she was conspicuous by her absence while her namesake was under construction.

Back to Fallon - the wedding dress. It's made from ivory Dupion silk, overlaid with gold and ivory lace on the bodice, and has a silk skirt overlaid with draped silk Organza. There is a concealed zip underneath those covered buttons, and the bodice is fully boned inside.

The Organza overlay on the skirt is designed to be slightly asymetric and to swirl around the skirt to be hit…

Drafting wedding dress patterns

It's good to be back at work and to get back into a routine again.

This week I started work on a pattern for a wedding gown for one of my new brides. Often, to the outsider, the making of the patterns can be forgotten in this process, but after taking measurements, it's the first thing that happens!

I enjoy making patterns, it feels quite old-fashioned (and probably is) in this day and age, to be drafting a pattern using paper and pencil. But that is what I do for each and every person I make something for. Whether that be a simple shift dress or an elaborate bridal gown.

This goes some way towards what I term 'Bespoke'. 'Couture' also comes into it, but I shy away from that word because I think it is often misused within the bridal industry. (Things are called Couture when they are anything but...) In my opinion, it is having something designed and made for you, however simple, that is made to your specifications and wholly and completely made and finished for…

New Year, New Stuff!

Happy New Year! I hope that whoever and wherever you are, you had a peaceful Christmas break.

Our Christmas was a relatively quiet one, with much resurrection of old fashioned games, such as Happy Families and Pick-Up-Sticks, which was great fun and what we all needed I think. Who knew that a tube of wooden sticks could be so much fun?! And muddy winter walks. One of our favourite places to walk is Ickworth House, and the pictures below are from there, but I forgot my camera so these are from a previous January. It looked the same, only with even more mud this year!

Anyway, I really wanted to thank all my brides and dress customers who have worked with me during 2013. THANK YOU so much for putting up with my somewhat erratic diary at certain points during the year, you really have been spendid!

It was a challenging year because we became parents by adoption, for the first (and likely last) time, and as a natural consequence my workload was reduced so I could concentrate on being a mu…