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Beautifully simple & elegant wedding dress design

Back in the early Autumn last year I had the pleasure of working with Matilda on her beautifully simple and elegant wedding dress.

Matilda was inspired by her mother's wedding dress which she brought along to our first appointment together. The dress was very simple with seaming being the main detail. After a discussion, we decided to make a modern version of her mother's dress for Matilda. It's a beautiful A-line shaped, boned dress, with buttons all the way down the back to the bottom of the train. The main body  of the dress is made from ivory silk Dupion and the neckline and sleeves are a softer ivory silk crepe Georgette.

Doesn't she look perfect?

Sewing Workshop

I'm hosting a small pattern-cutting and sewing workshop on 5th March in my studio. I've started a new tab above called 'Workshops' so if you're interested, please click on there for more info.

There's currently only 1 space left.

Thanks :-)

My Studio in January

Well it's February already, and feels a bit late to be saying Happy New Year! But there you go, better late than never! I hope you had a good festive season.

January always feels like a strange month, quiet yet productive. I've been working on a wedding dress and coat combination that is now almost finished, but the wedding hasn't happened yet. Once it has, I can show you.

I thought I'd show some pictures of my studio. This was prompted by some comments from a bride last year, who said that she felt slightly daunted by not knowing what to expect before she arrived! I have often had relieved comments from people once they've met me, having been braced to meet someone scary, and then they see me and that I'm normal! I'm not some stick thin fashionista who's going to call the fashion police! My studio reflects me, I hope. It's functional and is definitely a work space, rather than a show room.

There's a bit of editorial about me on page 95 the Feb…