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New Premises and Catching Up with 2017!

I have new premises!!! Believe it or not this happened back in April this year and it's been such a busy year work-wise that this is the first opportunity I've had to talk about them. There's been no great launch or anything of that sort (not that I won't plan something), just a lot of weddings happening, arrangements made and signed with the new premises, and then a quick move in over the Easter weekend and straight back to work on the Monday. 
I've been on the casual look for a new work-space for a while, when it began to become apparent that I'd very quickly outgrown my home studio. I pondered getting a shop, but that didn't feel right - I needed an actual working space as well as a place to show my work. So eventually I found a unit - a cosy one - not too industrial, and the rest is history! It's great! So now I can show my wedding dresses, make, sell and see my clients in comfort and space! 
I'll put some more shots up soon - it's still a …