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Winter Weddings and Happy Christmas

Meet our Christmas tree fairy, she was chosen by my daughter. Coincidentally, her dress is quite wedding-y, don't you think?

This is my last post this year, Christmas is coming, and I'm becoming very side-tracked by stuffing recipes (I'm not a stuffing person myself, so this is a challenge for me) and the fact that it's now less than 10 days away!

It's been an amazing year, I'm not going to recap, but thank you for reading, sticking by, and for your personal support. Next year promises to be a little different - I want to say back to normal - but forward to normal seems more appropriate. Please stop by in the New Year for news.

Anyway, our fairy has inspired me to compile a small Winter Weddings board on Pinterest:

If you're getting married over the winter season, have a lovely time.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rachel X

Wedding dress illustrations

Fallon dress has a bodice made of ivory silk with an ivory and gold beaded lace applique. The skirt section is ivory silk with ivory organza draped overlay.

Emily 2-piece is an ivory strapless dress with an ivory lace over-shirt. You can see Emily here.

Albertine wedding dress is dark ivory ruched bodice with a rose print bust section, and a dark ivory silk skirt section overlaid with tulle.

I'm working hard on many things at once at the moment - why does that always seem to happen just as Christmas is looming? One of them being my new website which should be launched soon. Can't wait for that!

Promoting the new designs is top of my agenda, as well as promoting the design aspect of my work, so I've started some sketches of some of my new designs, which will also appear on the new website. In time, these items will be professionally photographed, but until then, it's sketches. I hope you like them...