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New bridal headbands

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Well I've been making some bridal accessories. What with making wedding gowns and the like, there can often be fabrics and bits of trims left over which causes me angst as I'm not always too sure what to do with them. I know I want to make something, but what exactly? This is often a dilemma for me. Probably because the majority of pieces are ivory. My brief for this type of thing is that it has to be reasonably quick to make, as this means reasonable price to purchase, and that I'll want to keep making them alongside the work intensive wedding dress side of things. Anyway, these fit my creative comfort zone. I hope you like them. They aren't priced yet, but will be soon, and these and others like them will be for sale shortly. More details on that in a while. In the meantime, if you do like them and want to know the price, just let me know.

These are modelled by my chum Zoe who kindly lent her body parts to be photographed for the morning! Thanks Zoe…

'Emily' Wedding Dress is Finished

As the title says, Emily sample dress is now finished. It's actually a two piece outfit - the lace top can be removed and the belt worn with the strapless dress underneath. I was all set to continue photographing the under-dress when the battery went on my camera, so those pics will have to wait for a bit.

I decided to lightly bead the neckline of the strapless dress underneath - last week I wasn't sure. I hope you can just about see the beading on the dress through the lace.

The dress is made from ivory silk Dupion, which is a pure silk and reasonably crisp, but it could be made in a variety of fabrics for a shinier, smoother or floppier look if you prefer. A different shade to the under-dress could perhaps also work with the ivory lace too.

This dress is for my Collection. Which means it's there for you to try on and order as a made to measure design or to use as a starting point for a Bespoke design of your own. As with all my designs, you can adapt it. So for example…

A varied month of sewing

It's been a busy few months of adaptation work wise. I'm someone who has always felt comfortable with entire open days of practical work time that enable me to really get my teeth into finishing something big reasonably quickly. With family around - school days and holidays, this isn't really feasible these days, so I've been practicing working within the time I actually have available. Sounds obvious doesn't it? But it's something that up until recently, didn't come easy to me. I really do have to practice it! However, recently my brain has started to slot things into place - prioritise - and it's becoming easier.
What has happened is that shorter periods of time have enabled me to get on with some of the smaller projects I always have on the go and never finish, such as the headbands above. They are work in progress. These have been on the cards for a while as alternatives to headdresses or tiaras. I will find someone with a beautiful head to photog…