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Well, I thought I'd drop by to let you know I am still here! It's almost February! Amazing where the month has gone. I noticed this morning as I was out, that the day was 'bright dull', rather than 'dingy dull', which for me, is a step in the right direction towards Spring.
This year I have hit the ground running workwise so along with family stuff going on as well, I have been very busy and therefore neglectful of my postings. Usually things are quiet in January and build up as the months pass, but this year seems to be different, which is great, but means less time at the computer.
What I've decided to do when times are busy is to post simply - perhaps 1 picture and a short comment, just to keep things ticking over. This is what I'd intended to do today, but I seem unable to say just one thing, as my husband and family will testify!

Anyway, these flowers are part of a project 'on hold' that I'll come back to some time later in the year. I alw…

New Year : New Skill

Happy New Year!

Are you interested in learning to sew? Got a sewing machine somewhere gathering dust? Well look no further...

I shall be running a beginners sewing workshop in my local village hall on Feb 19th this year and I have 3 places left. The workshop is for adult beginners and will cover 8 different types of seams, 3 ways to insert a zip and 3 buttonholes (depending on your sewing machine). The cost will be £35 per person for the day.
I started teaching an adult sewing course at a local college last year and quickly realised from student feedback that some real ground-work would be useful. So this workshop is aiming towards the complete basics, but with a view to putting these techniques into practice in a garment or soft-furnishing later on. All being well, I aim to host additional workshops for further techniques and general crafting fun later on.

If you're interested in coming along and starting to learn how to sew, then drop me an email for further information (email addre…