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Eleanor: Simple & Gorgeous A-line Wedding Dress

Here's another of my new designs from my Collection. I love this dress, it's called Eleanor and is simple and classic with just a little bit of lace on the bust section. The waist section is ruched silk Taffeta and the skirt is hitched and bunched-up (technical terms there) silk Organza over more silk.

As with almost all of my dresses, the design can be changed to suit you. For example, it could be made without the cap sleeves, with longer sleeves or as a strapless dress. Or perhaps in a different colour? You could also choose not to bunch up the Organza overlay and to have it smooth instead. The best thing is to just chat with me about what you are thinking of, and we can go from there.

However, I do love it as it is!

Unusual, icey, Snow-Queen-ish Winter Wedding Dress!

I want you to know that I have a lot of fun with my brides during the whole design and manufacturing process, and this bride and her dress were no exception!

This is Charlotte who only just married a few weeks back. (Congratulations to you both!)

Charlotte first contacted me last summer with some very definite ideas about not wanting to wear ivory, and not wanting to look, in her words, 'typically bridal'. After lengthy discussion of her ideas, some sketching and looking at various fabrics and images, I advised her to make a trip to some fabric stores in Berwick Street, London, to source the type of beaded fabric she liked. (FYI, I sometimes do advise people to go on a shopping trip for samples if I don't have the type of fabrics they like to hand, but in most cases I supply the fabrics.)

So Charlotte set off to look and came back with a beaded type of lace and chiffon combination that when applied to her design, resulted in a price that would rival most Hollywood wedding…

Classic Country Summer Wedding

With a yearning for warmer days, here are some pictures of a summer bride - Sarah, whose wedding dress I made last year.

It was a beautiful, classic looking wedding dress, with a lace bodice and silk, tulle and organza skirts. It suited Sarah perfectly, being a mix of 2 tones of ivory - dark and light, which when combined went perfectly with her colouring.

I especially love the last picture with the lichen covered silos in the farmyard. (I think that's what they're called anyway!)

Thank you for sending me these lovely images Sarah. :-)

A wedding dress called Bubble

Here's the next dress from the shoot I did last week, its called Bubble. Bubble is not a completely new dress, but has never been photographed properly before and I didn't want it to be left out.

Bubble is made from silk Dupion with a twisted silk Organza overlay attached at the hem. It's not a fitted dress, but the under-layer is shaped so you can see your shape through the gauzy organza layer.

It is being modelled by Bernadette, and as you can see it sits above her knees at the front and lower at the back, but it can be made with a level hem, or longer or shorter, depending on your choice.

A great choice if you want to wear something different and easy on your wedding day. It would also look great in other colours...

What do you think?