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Mini wedding dress (that means very short)...

This year I've made the fullest and the shortest wedding dresses that I've ever done!

This is Mandy who knew from the off that she wanted a mini dress and it was to be white lace. After a small amount of searching we went for a white Guipure lace from Harrington Fabric & Lace.

It's a simple design but actually took a reasonable amount of time to make because there's quite a bit of hand-sewing to secure the lace. It was amusing during the fittings because I started off with quite a modest length and Mandy wanted it to be shorter at each fitting! At the final hem fitting we did a sit-down test to make sure all was decent and this was the finished length! :-)

Backless lace & tulle wedding dress

Okay, so my last post was in March and it's now September. Oops! Oh well, it's been an extremely busy wedding season for me, and as a result, making the dresses, family and sleep have to come before social networking!

Now things have calmed down I have a lot of dresses that I want to show you, kindly sent to me by my recent clients.

(I also haven't finished showing the dresses that were photographed at the beginning of the year either. All in good time.)

I thought I'd start by showing you a wedding from back in the early spring, although you wouldn't know it from the photos as the wedding was in Florida!

This is Laura-Jean and her chap, looking lovely and windswept on their wedding day.

Laura-Jean's dress was ivory hand appliqu├ęd lace with tulle skirts and lots of roped beading.

More to show you soon.