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Spot the difference

This is the story of how an existing dress design from my collection can be personalised to suit individual tastes.

Meet the bride (I'll call her S) - and her fabulous red shoes! They really were ruby slippers just like Dorothy's but about twice as high! S came to me earlier in the year looking for something a bit different for her wedding. Initially it seemed that I might be making something completely bespoke for her, until she tried on this from the collection:

I call it ZigZag because of the panels and its also how my brain feels when I'm making the pattern for it!
Anyway, the dress is asymmetric in places, namely the panels themselves and the hip seam,

and although she liked the panels themselves, S preferred a more symmetrical look. No problem say I, and after a few fittings and lots of pen marks and pins (on the toile of course), managed to come up with an asymmetric-symmetrical bodice!

Can you see in the pic above how her hip seam is now straight across? …

No words...