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Availability Update Going Forward to 2021

Hello! I hope you're all well and staying safe?This is an update on my availability going forward and to say that as things stand right now (and we all know things can change pretty quickly right?) I am virtually fully booked up until next Autumn 2021. So if you are planning your wedding for September 2021 onward, do get in touch if you're interested in exploring the bespoke wedding dress route or you have dress or outfit ideas of your own you'd like help realising.If you are already booked in for a consultation with me or we've already chatted online or in person and your wedding is earlier than Sept '21, don't panic - you are already allocated space. This is for new enquiries from now onwards.The above image of bespoke bride Rebecca from 2017 is full of symbolism for us all during these times: dark skies but moving forward with purpose! (Image M.Drew.) Keep on keeping on peeps and hope to hear from you soon.

Bridal appointments restarting

Hello! I hope you're keeping well and staying safe and sane. If you've spent lockdown planning your wedding, are thinking of choosing a bespoke wedding dress or outfit to wear and you're looking for a wedding dressmaker to realise it for you, you need to know that from 15th June 2020 I will be taking in-person appointments again! Thank goodness!

These will be carefully spaced appointments (I'm talking days apart, not hours) and employing social distancing, plenty of hand sanitizer and facemasks where necessary and applicable.
I realise that doesn't sound very pretty, but safety for us all is my primary concern, so I'm taking the reintroduction of appointments slowly and carefully.

Please email me for appointment enquiries and for further information. I have compiled an information sheet which I can email you, explaining the format of appointments going forward at this time.

I'm now taking bookings for weddings in 2021 onward and I'm SO looking forward …

Hello & Covid-19 Update

Hello! This is me popping by to say hello and I hope you're all well and healthy.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown the studio is currently closed for appointments, but I am very much 'business as usual' behind the scenes, making as much as I can for my current 2020 brides until we can next meet up.

I'm now taking bookings for 2021 weddings so if you are a bride-to-be, or a mother of the bride or groom, interested in my bespoke design service for your wedding day or event, please do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you and to discuss your ideas.

We can book appointments for later on in the year, or we can connect initially by Skype. While I realise this is not the same as meeting in person, it can help to get the ball rolling in terms of pure discussion and inspiration.

In all cases, please email me for an appointment, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Until then, stay safe. Xx

Ps. Enjoy …

2020 Bespoke Wedding Dresses Update

Happy New Year brides to be and past and present brides!

It's been a year since I last updated my blog. I'm here today to let you know that much as I actually prefer blogging to other forms of social media, I just don't have the time to post these days, and last year was an excellent example of this! I'm booking up more and more in advance of wedding dates and the work load means it can get difficult to post here. So if you're here looking for info - you may find it (I am ever hopeful I'll manage to post), but you're probably more likely to find recent images and info on my Instagram page, or for general service info see my website.

Fyi, the above image is my summer bride Chloe and her husband Alec! Chloe wearing bespoke separates - silk satin skirt and hand appliqued lace top. The image is by Damien Vickers Photography.

For all enquiries about having a bespoke wedding outfit made, please email me or message me on Instagram.