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Looking back...

Something that occurs to me as I think about this blog and what I will post, is that when one works with weddings, there is a huge element of privacy about the plans, and especially about the dress. Usually it is the bride and a few close friends or relatives who know what will be worn, and often it is only the bride.

Therefore in order to protect privacy, most of the bridal things I will show you are from the past.

Today I thought I could show you a sketch and the subsequent dress as worn on the day.

The idea for this dress came from one of the gowns in my collection. The bride decided that she liked the overall idea of the design and the fabrication, but wanted to change the skirt to an A-line shape and have straps with a V-neck. The original gown was strapless with a slightly gathered skirt.

Sometimes there are several changes between the sketch and the finished garment because so much of the design process can happen during the actual fittings and when the garment is in 3D. In this …

Spring Bride

Here is Laura, one of my super springtime brides.
The thing with weddings is that it's generally several months later that the images come through, after the honeymoon and all the sorting and getting back to 'real life' that goes on for the bride. It's always a lovely surprise, and I am very touched when I receive a pic.

Laura is very petite and didn't want to be swamped in her dress, so she's wearing a slim A-line/mermaid shape, fitted over her hips and then gently flaring out to the hem. You can't see it very well in the pics but she has ruching across the body from under the bust.

I think both she, and the setting, look lovely.