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Short dress

Here's one of my recent brides getting married this summer in California.

Here she is in her final fitting. The dress was made from layers of silk organza over silk dupion, with button fastening and little bow details at the back.

The simplicity of the design speaks for itself I think, - an easy to wear knee (or just below) length dress with fabulous contrasting shoes.
I enjoy it when the shoes make a contrast to the dress. Perhaps I'll collate some other images of funky shoe contrast for future viewing...

Smile : wearing

Remember this wedding from my last post?

I wanted to show you some of the actual day and the dress being worn. As there were so many pictures, I thought I'd divide them up into separate posts.

Off to the woods...

Love these pictures of the bride Tash, having a waft :)

She looks great in that late summer sun with the seedheads behind her and the flowers in her hair. A really laid-back feel for a chilled-out wedding.

I'll show you a few more at a later date.