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Wedding Dress Design Sketch

I'm in the mood for sketching. Here's some designs from the past weeks.

Pretty Lace Wedding Dress

Here's some photos of bride Rachael's pretty wedding dress from earlier this year.

Rachael originally chose a different dress design from my Collection, and then changed her mind half way through! She had narrowed down her selection to a couple of designs and looked great in both, which is always a tricky situation. But after asking colleagues, her mum, friends and me, she picked the design.....and then a few weeks later changed it to the one above! Luckily before I'd cut out the actual silks and lace!

The dress is very similar, but not exactly the same as my Gaia dress design, which wasn't one of Rachael's original choices, although she had tried it on at her first appointment!

The lace is a delicate ivory Chantilly lace over a silk base, with a tiny pearl trim under the bust-line. It fitted her like a glove, I was very pleased with the outcome.

Rachael maintains (still, in a recent email) that she was a 'Bridezilla' because she changed her mind about her …