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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well the sewing machines are cooling down as the last of the Christmas wedding dresses are finished and waved goodbye to!

It's been such a busy year work-wise this year. The busiest since I left my King's Parade premises in 2008 to work at home, and then in my new garden studio in summer 2014.

Thank you to everyone who wore one of my wedding dresses this year, and every previous year! I really appreciate your custom. It's more about just 'custom' though, which sounds very...impersonal. Having someone actually choose me to make their wedding dress is a huge honour and means such a lot to me. It's a responsibility I take very seriously and is difficult to explain how much it means to me, and how much care and energy, both physical and psychic I put into your dress!

Also a big thank you to Lindsay and Chloe, both of whom have helped create this years dresses with me. You have both been an enormous help. :-) xx

If you're reading this and won…

Wow White Pleated Wedding Dress!

Back in the spring, I posted something along the lines of:

"This year I'm making the shortest and the biggest wedding dresses I've ever made" or some such.

I also posted on Facebook about cutting out the skirts for a dress and the hems being something like 40 metres long. (I can't remember the exact length, but I had measured it, and it was certainly very long!!)

Well this is that 'biggest' and 'longest hemmed' dress and it belongs to Karen, who got married to Mark in July this summer.

Before I go any further, these pictures are taken by photographer Rachel Barnes.

You may have been expecting an enormous dress from my earlier comments, and although full-skirted, it's not that big to look at is it? As you can see the proportions suit Karen really well; she's got the height to go with it. I meant 'voluminous skirted'!

When Karen first contacted me, she showed me a picture of a full skirt with large pleats and wanted to know if I could…