Friday, 10 August 2012

Something red

Here's Dawn. She knew what she wanted and that was a red wedding dress, with some pleats and beading on it!

So I set to and made it for her :)

It was good to make Dawn's dress for her because apart from the pleasure of making it, it was nice to have a change of colour in my studio. Ivory is always lovely for wedding dresses, but this was a gorgeous rich red, which made a change for me and made Dawn happy!

Dawn married her chap on a summer day in Ely (you can see the Cathedral in one of the images above) on one of the days when it wasn't raining, and the vibrant green of the well rained-on grass contrasts really well with her dress colour, I think.

The pictures were taken by photographer John Wolfe, who very kindly sent these to me. You can visit his site here.


  1. I've always fancied wearing red on my wedding day! It's the norm in China and India - it's lucky apaprently. Plus, I look far better in red than I do in white! Although I think in all seriousness I can see myself in navy blue...oh well, no marriage plans on my cards so plenty of time to decide!


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