Friday, 22 November 2013

New bridal headbands




Well I've been making some bridal accessories. What with making wedding gowns and the like, there can often be fabrics and bits of trims left over which causes me angst as I'm not always too sure what to do with them. I know I want to make something, but what exactly? This is often a dilemma for me. Probably because the majority of pieces are ivory. My brief for this type of thing is that it has to be reasonably quick to make, as this means reasonable price to purchase, and that I'll want to keep making them alongside the work intensive wedding dress side of things. Anyway, these fit my creative comfort zone. I hope you like them. They aren't priced yet, but will be soon, and these and others like them will be for sale shortly. More details on that in a while. In the meantime, if you do like them and want to know the price, just let me know.

These are modelled by my chum Zoe who kindly lent her body parts to be photographed for the morning! Thanks Zoe! :-)

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