Friday, 16 August 2013

Floaty chiffon summer wedding dress

This is Rachel wearing her fabulous floaty silk chiffon wedding dress. Rachel had specific ideas about the exact colour of her dress, which she didn't want to be standard ivory. After deliberating over many shades we chose a kind of pinky-goldy-champagne (can't be more specific!) type of colour that worked very well with the off white crochet-lace trims.

Out of necessity, the chiffon on the dress bodice is all hand pleated and hand-sewn.  Rachel was very sure she didn't want a twinkly dress or any bling of any sort, the dress was a simple design where the chiffon was used both to provide texture and wafty floatiness. But we decided to add some pearls and tiny silver glass beads to the trims as well, which gives a tiny gleam to the ensemble.

As Rachel is tall she can carry off this hipster style of dress well. She looks stunning!

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