Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Too soon for stocking fillers?

I've been spending my evenings making stuff. Yes, stuff that's different from bridal wear; more gifty type daily-usage stuff - eyemasks to be precise.

I love making dresses, but this has made a nice change because they're quick to make and are colourful, so are satisfying on two levels, and...they're practical. What more could one want from a craft project?

I'm a fairly regular insomniac, but I've learned to embrace my sleepless hours by thinking up new ideas! I've test driven one of my earlier prototypes and I can safely say they're very comfortable and soft against the eyelids...I'm feeling sleepy just thinking about them!

I shall be offering these for sale in my new Folksy shop; I'll post on here as soon as I've stocked up. There will be more gift style stuff to follow shortly...

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